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Holding Hands

Inspired Online Counseling

Inspiring You To Understand Your Partner And Yourself In A New Way So You Can Rebuild Intimacy, Trust And Commitment. 

  This Service is available in all of Florida     and Arizona.

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Christian has played a pivotal role in my self-awareness, communication skills, and mindset. I reached out when I was facing a difficult time in my my marriage and career and Christian helped me gain more control over my reactions and emotions, taught me to practice mindfulness, and served as a punching bag of sorts when I needed an unbiased ear during an incredibly frustrating time in my life.   I cannot express how helpful he has been in terms of improving the way in which I communicate with my husband, how I control my heightened emotions, and how I deal with my day to day stresses. I would highly recommend Christian to anyone looking for a realistic and holistic approach to life, marriage, communication, anxiety and stress management. 

K. A.

About Me

I help couples in crisis repair the negativity and resentment in their relationship and become proficient at building trust and intimacy for the long haul.


Hi and welcome!  My name is Christian Lamb and I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I know the importance of feeling connected to your partner in a meaningful way.  Nothing is so negatively impactful as feeling distant and indifference from your partner.  I’ve built my counseling practice and life around understanding how to build a healthy and intimate relationship with a spouse or partner.  I’m here to show you a structured way to reconnect so that everyday you can be excited to come home. 

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Available for Teletherapy in all of Florida and Arizona


Couples Counseling

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Available for Teletherapy in all of Florida and Arizona

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~ Bo Lozoff

"Do you want a world with more joy and happiness?  Then find your own joy and happiness and contribute to the joy and happiness of others."

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Want to hear more about how I can help you transform your relationship? Click the button below to schedule your free consult or give me a call to schedule your free 20 minute consultation. 

CONNECT WITH ME: (407) 494-1129

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