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Christian Lamb, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

License # SW 12945

Helping others to move through their challenges in life is what brings me joy.  If you're in the aftermath of discovering infidelity in your marriage then I know the intense pain and uncertainty this brings and how life can feel like it may never be safe enough to relax and enjoy again.  Trust and emotional safety is a must for your marriage and when they are lost we too feel lost on how to recover or if recovery is even something we desire.  This ambivalence is natural and necessary and I promise to not judge or push you to decide to leave or to stay.  I support you either way and know the questions to ask in order to help you make this tough decision.  If you give counseling a chance to recover from infidelity then I have the tools to help you navigate these impossible times.  Since I've been through this particular pain in my own life my empathy is genuine and my understanding of what it takes to recover is well known. 

I've been living in success for many years now, but it hasn't always been this way.  I've struggled and failed and fallen as far as one can fall.  This gives me a unique set of experiences that allows me to connect and empathize with my clients on a very deep level.  Along with this I also am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I've been practicing as a Social Worker and counselor since 2010, which has given me great experience with fine tuning my abilities to provide exceptional counseling.  I look forward to connecting with you soon.

There are many things that inspire me.  Although I'm licensed to practice counseling in Florida and Arizona, I currently live in Hawaii with my family, and the beauty of our new home here inspires me on a daily basis.  Being raised near the beaches of Clearwater, Florida, I have always had a love for the ocean.  I now have the ocean almost always in sight and it is the most amazing feeling for me.  

I've lived quite the intense life so far.  I spent 5 years in the Navy where I used my athletic talents and discipline to push me to serve our Country as a Navy Seal.  From this time in the service I honed my discipline and fine tuned my drive and determination to more fully connect with my best self. 

I've also had my own struggles in life though and I've failed on many levels, finding myself incarcerated for poor choices after my military service.  However, I've intentionally used these failures to positively shape me instead of allowing them to negatively define me.  This perspective allows me to better connect with clients to show you that anything in life can strengthen you or tear you down...your perspective makes it so.  I'm here to show you that you have this choice.

Other interests of mine:  Martial Arts (Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai), Disc Golf, Weight Lifting, Youtube content creation and enjoying time at the beach with my amazing wife and our awesome son.


More About Me...

Christian Lamb, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

License # SW 12945

I’ve been a Master's Level Social Worker since 2010 and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Counselor since 2015.  I've worked for numerous agencies honing my counseling abilities and more recently, in 2018, I've found a passion for online counseling with clients.  My counseling style for couples is based on Gottman Couples Therapy Trainings and also includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Therapy.  I also enjoy teaching clients Dialectical Behavioral Coping Skills along with Mindfulness-based Coping Skills in order to assist clients with finding a greater sense of ease.  This way you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what makes you tick.  At the heart of my work is facilitating deeper self-awareness so we can find out together what is holding you back from living as your best self.  Additionally, I have found that we all could use some inspiration in our lives and I focus greatly on what inspires you so that we can use that energy to drive you to create new exciting goals and reach new levels of joy and peace.  Above all else I'm here to provide you with a compassionate and understanding space where I truly hear and see you.