Image by Sean O.


Schedule a free 20 minute consult with me below or reach out to me via text or call to schedule a free consult.  During the consult we can get to know a little about each other to see if I'm a good fit for you and your needs.  

After you decide that I'm your guy (I want you to make sure you feel this way before you schedule online counseling with me) then I'll send you some paperwork to complete before our first session.  

One I receive your paperwork, I'll send you instructions on gaining full access to my online therapy platform.  Just like in-person appointments, confidentiality is my number one priority.  I use a specific HIPAA-compliant platform called Simple Practice for all of my online counseling sessions and to send documents securely. It's easy to use and reliable, making online therapy a breeze.


  • Ensure you have a reliable internet connection. 

  • Test the audio and video before each session.

  • Try to use a laptop or tablet as it will be easier to see worksheets and documents I will share from my screen.

  • Find a good location that is totally private so you can fully immerse yourself into the time you've carved out for counseling.​​​